fiber art, mixed media

Tracy Potter

I'm on my fourth life!!  

My first life started on a farm in rural Michigan.  I was a happy child who loved animals and art.  I went to Western Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in art and elementary education.

My second life began in 1980 when I moved to South Dakota and started a career in teaching.  I taught children for 17 years and added a Master's Degree to my credentials.

My three daughters are my third life.  I retired from teaching to make them (and my extremely supportive husband) my top priority.  But now that my daughters are beautiful young adults, I can start my fourth life as a fiber artist.

I started quilting with traditional patterns, but my interest in color and design led me to more modern pieces.  And when my focus turned to emotion and memory, my quilts became art.

Now, in this fourth life, I'm teaching fiber art to others and have exhibited quilts in:

the SAQA Showcases, Creative Inspiration (2013), Fiber Reactions (2013) and 2017 in Poway, CA

the Visions Art Museum Member Challenges (Lace and Bridges, 2018) in San Diego, CA

the Ramona Artist Studio Tour (2010-2012 and 2018) in Ramona, CA

the Fiber and Book Arts Exhibition (2010) in Escondido, CA

‚Äčthe West Coast Fiber Arts show (2018) in Escondido, CA

the July 4th Friendship Quilters Quilt Show (2010-2011) in Poway, CA

the Tuesday Nights Art Showcase (2009-2018) in Ramona, CA

‚Äčthe Ramona Quilt Show (2007-2015)

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